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Climate Change School – “9 skills you need to learn in order to be successful in times of climate change”

The Matrix-Q Ecosystem in coordination with the Matrix-Q Akademia has launched a new school dedicated to providing capacity building to climate consultants, leaders in communities, entrepreneurship, innovation.

Our next Forest Bathing Session in Rhenen will be dedicated to climate change.  We will learn how the natural ecosystem works and how climate change can impact it. Outdoors training for public and group coaching will be our first action to empower local leaders with knowledge, skills, and tools, for their response to climate change disruptions in their household, community, and businesses.

Our new Climate Change School provides a course, with data-driven holistic and accelerated learning methodology, that will help us assess capacity to respond to climate change complexity

A 9 modules training program will be also provided to leaders, talents, innovators, entrepreneurs, and impact investors.

We believe that every family should have at least one member accountable for unleashing and enhancing their capacity to respond effectively to climate change impact. Climate change will change your life as you know it. It will impact your lifestyle, household, business, community, & industry.

For this new school for climate consultants also a new certificate for holistic coaching and a complete training program for climate consultants have been created.

We are producing smart applications that will help us enhance communication and collaboration to enhance a collective educated response to climate.

From the Matrix-Q Innovation Lab. We are testing a new data-driven-product. You can collaborate with us as a test user. Or join us as climate consultant. Please Enter your e-mail and details below, We will contact you as soon a possible.


We encourage planting trees, with 1 Trillion trees and biodiversity corridors for species to move along latitudes along the time climate change impacts their location, we will save millions of species and as well offset carbon emissions

Capacity building for leaders, families, and communities, is our next aim.

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